Timothy Miller

Municipal Court
Title: Judge of the Associate Circuit Court-Division 14
Phone: 636-797-6045

Effective January 1, 2020, the Festus Municipal Court will be dissolved and the City's ordinance violations/violation notice(s) will be prosecuted in the Jefferson County Circuit Court, Division 14, Judge Timothy Miller.

If your case was not concluded by December 31st with the Festus Municipal Court, all cases will be transferred to the Jefferson County Circuit Court and will be assigned a court date in the Jefferson County Circuit Court at a later date.  You can request additional time to pay at that time.

You will receive notice of a new court date at the address listed on your ticket(s), which should be 300 Main Street, Hillsboro, MO, 63050.  If your address changes between now and February of 2020, please contact the court at 636-937-1282 and we will update the Court's records.

The Judge will be handling the Festus Uniform Citation(s)/Violations Notice(s) and will be Judge Miller of the Associate Circuit Court-Division 14.  The Jefferson County Courthouse phone number for any questions is 636-797-6045 or 636-797-5303.  THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS regarding your file until after January 2020 and until after a court date has been assigned to you.

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