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Tourism Funding Application

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  2. City of Festus Tourism Funding Application


  4. Event/Project Information...

    Describe below your project/event clearly and concisely. Your description should include name and purpose of project/event, dates, location, target audience, whether it is new or repeat, length and market origin of attendees (use previous research if available). Provide proof that project/event and organization are covered by Liability Insurance. Also, describe entertainment and any other relevant information.

  5. If applicable.

  6. If applicable

  7. Marketing Plan...

    Provide below a detailed Marketing Plan which includes local activities as well as those taking place including the geographic area within 150 miles of the City limits for which funding has been requested. This includes all types of media, names of publications, stations, web sites as well as flight dates, ad sizes, copies of ads if available, costs, impressions, audience and any other relevant information. Describe the specific marketing expenses within the project/event for which grant funds have bee requested.

  8. If applicable.

  9. Promotional Pieces...

    Provide below a brief description of the material and contents. Indicate number of copies to be printed, size, number of pages, whether the material will be black and white or color and where and how material is to be distributed. If costs exceed $5,000, include three written bids.

  10. Web Site Development & Enhancement...

    Describe below the purpose of the proposed website or website enhancements. Please provide copies of your proposal if the project exceeds $5,000.

  11. Fundraiser...

    If a non-for-profit organization and this event is in anyway a fundraiser for your organization, please explain.

  12. Copies of website development and enhancement if project exceeds $5,000.

  13. Budget...

    Please include a detailed itemized budget for your entire project/event and for the specific items from your project/event that you are requesting to be reimbursed by the Tourism Commission grant funding. Attach your sponsorship solicitation packet and describe what steps you have taken to secure additional funding for your project/event.

  14. If applicable

  15. Non-Profit Status...

    Not-for-Profit organizations are encouraged to apply. If applicable, attach evidence of non-for-profit status to your proposal.

  16. Only attach if applicable.

  17. Effect on Tourism...

    Please explain how your project/event will increase tourism, including: (1) how it will draw people from outside the local market or attract a new visitor audience; (2) how it may generate non-local press coverage for the project/event; and (3) how it will increase retail, food and beverage expenditures in the City. Describe how the project/event will attract visitors to hotels and other lodging within the city.

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