In the Circuit Court of the 23rd Judicial Circuit of Missouri, City of Festus Municipal Division


The City Council of the City of Festus has enacted Ordinance No. 4520 which provides that as of January 1, 2020, the municipal court in the City of Festus shall cease operations and the City's ordinance violations shall be heard before an associate circuit judge in the 23rd Judicial Circuit at the courthouse in Hillsboro, Missouri.  In order to effectuate the smooth transition operations, the Court ORDER as follows:

  1. For all cases in which a plea has been entered and a fine assessed by the court, and some or all of the fine and costs remain unpaid, such outstanding fines and costs shall be waived and the fines and costs shall be deemed satisfied.  The sentence shall be modified accordingly.  Provided however, that for any case which the defendant was charged with driving while intoxicated or in which more than $5,000 remains due and owing, fines and costs shall not be waived until the prosecuting attorney reviews the file to determine if justice demands that waiver of fines and costs is not appropriate.  The prosecuting attorney shall review such files and request an appropriate order from the court.
  2. All remaining lieu of bail holds (see 544.065, RSMo), all failure to appear in court suspensions (see 302.341, RSMo) shall be released and rescinded.  The clerk of the municipal court is directed to notify the Missouri Department of Revenue to release and rescind such holds/suspensions.
  3. For all remaining cases in which a cash bond has been posted, the conditions of release shall be modified to release on recognizance and such bond money shall be refunded to the defendant or person who posted bond.

SO ORDERED this 31st day of December 2019

The Honorable Laurence Schmidt, Municipal Judge, City of Festus

Court Order